About last night…Sebastian Ridley-Thomas is headed to Sacramento

Los Angeles, CA- Assembly District residents showed strong support for Sebastian Ridley-Thomas, who received 60% of the vote, besting opponents Chris Armenta and John Jake, for the 54th assembly seat vacated by now State Senator Holly Mitchell.

The Post and Beam hosted Sebastian Ridley-Thomas' victory party in Baldwin Hills, CA (photo: Urban Girl Media/December 3, 2013)

The Post and Beam hosted Sebastian Ridley-Thomas’ victory party in Baldwin Hills, CA (photo: Urban Girl Media/December 3, 2013)

The victory party was held at the Post and Beam in Baldwin Hills.  A who’s who of elected officials, community activists and volunteers showed their support for the son of Mark Ridley-Thomas, Chairman of the L.A. County Board of Supervisors.

Longtime Long Beach politician, Bonnie Lowenthal was in attendance and is currently the State Assembly representative for the 70th District, and candidate to become the next mayor of the City of Long Beach.  Ms. Lowenthal spoke with 2UrbanGirls on Sebastian’s securing the vote to head to Sacramento.

“SRT will continue the humanistic focus of his father and his predecessor, now Senator Holly Mitchell. He has the passion to find solutions that improve people’s lives, and his warmth and personal skills will allow him to function easily within the Capitol community.”

Also on hand was political newcomer, and daughter of former L.A. county supervisor Yvonne Brathwaite-Burke, Ms. Autumn Burke.  Autumn is currently a candidate for the 62nd Assembly.
Ms. Burke shared her thoughts on Sebastian’s victory with 2UrbanGirls as well.

“The voters spoke last night and gave Sebastian a very solid victory.  I’d like to congratulate him and hope I have an opportunity to join him in the State Assembly to strengthen our local economy and create jobs.”

Mark Ridley-Thomas updates the crowd on election updates (photo: Urban Girl Media/December 3, 2013)

Mark Ridley-Thomas updates the crowd on election updates (photo: Urban Girl Media/December 3, 2013)

The elder Ridley-Thomas was the evenings emcee, giving periodic updates as the votes came in.  Each update, showed that Sebastian was the districts hands down choice.  With Ridley-Thomas receiving 60% and Armenta receiving approx. 35%, the tallies almost mirrored the votes the elder Ridley-Thomas received in his supervisor race back in 2008.
Laphonza Butler, President of the SEIU ULTCW was also on hand for the celebration of the newest member of the State Assembly.
“I am excited about the victory of Sebastian Ridley-Thomas to the state assembly because he carries with him many loads.  He carries the heavy responsibility to speak and lead on behalf of the hopes, dreams and expectations of the residents of the 54th district.  He carries the massive  load of leadership for the entire state of California.  The load of poverty and inequality in all its many forms is one that he also carries.  But the residents,  community and civic leaders, as well as the religious and business leaders who supported him know that he can get the job done.  Because after all its not the weight of the load that matters but how you carry it.  We all know that Sebastian will carry it with the dignity, honor and integrity that we have come to expect in the new 54th Assemblyman.”
When we caught up with Sebastian to congratulate him, we posed the question of why he chose to attend Morehouse College.  His response.  “Morehouse College is known for turning out strong community leaders.”
Congratulations Sebastian, your future is bright.


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