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2 Urban Girls spent Election Night in San Pedro, CA, with our next Congressman Isadore Hall.  It was good to see a “who’s who” of elected officials and entertainment types mingling amongst Hall’s supporters.  Hall would go on to be named the top vote getter in the 44th Congressional District race.  He will face his opponent in the General Election, Tuesday, November 8, 2016.  There were other key races 2 Urban Girls was keeping an eye on.  The biggest being the proposed sales tax increase aka ‘Measure P’ on the city of Compton special election ballot.

Nearly 25% of Compton’s 40,643 registered voters turned out to defeat Measure P.  With approx 11k votes cast, the measure lost by a mere 102 votes.   City Manager Roger Haley is assumed to have spent nearly $100k to educate voters on the benefits of raising the city’s sales tax 1%.  Mayor Aja Brown was a huge supporter and put forth a great effort to get the measure passed.

On the other hand, a grassroots effort, which yielded less than $2k in contributions, claimed a huge victory.  What’s next for city council?  Find alternative ways to increase revenue.

35th Senate District:  Steve Bradford will face Warren Furutani after securing 36% of the vote (will Steve finally secure the endorsements from the Assembly members in his district?).

62nd Assembly District: Autumn Burke ran unopposed.

64th Assembly District:  Mike Gipson will face Theresa Sanford.

Both District Attorney Jackie Lacey and 2nd Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas ran unopposed and claimed victories.

4th Supervisor District:  Janice Hahn will face Steve Napolitano.

5th Supervisor District:  Kathryn Barger will face Darrell Park.

Hillary Clinton will face Donald Trump for President of the United States.  God help us.

To find your Congressional delegates for the National Conventions click here.


The LA County Registrar & Recorders office last updated election results, this past Friday, and the “NO” on Measure P sales tax continues to lead by a small margin.

Measure P   Votes Percent
YES 5,191 49.51
NO 5,294 50.49
Last Updated: 6/10/2016 3:18:23 PM
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  1. Robert Ray says:

    While I am very pleased that Measure “P” was defeated (whew), I am not all that happy with the results of the rest of the election. But all I can do is move on with my life and see what tomorrow brings.

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