AAU Youth Basketball is preparing to start

theWith the recent decline in city revenue, youth sports is taking a backseat to more pressing issues like employees salaries and benefits.  Many area players have found solace in their local AAU youth basketball teams.

AAU teams exist around the nation.  AAU is a tool to gain more experience in basketball fundamentals, exposure, increased levels of competition and its FUN.

untitledThe only downside to AAU teams are:

  1. Cost– many teams charge an initiation fee which can range from $100-$160 but is a one-time up front cost
  2. Monthly dues– teams collect a monthly payment which normally begins at around $100
  3. Play time– there is NO guarantee your child will get playing time, especially with a team that has 75-80% of players returning
  4. Academics– many teams “say” they focus on academics, but many of the teams do not check grades or enforce that you maintain a satisfactory GPA
  5. Loyalty– you will find that players come and go and play on multiple teams without regard to whether they are paying dues and/or practicing with the team regularly
  6. Competition- AAU play is very competitive, with many players opting to be a “hold back” where as they will be 14 years old, playing against younger players, appearing to dominate in their age group, which they are not.  Dominate players should play up, since if they are lucky enough to make the NBA the majority of the players will range from at least 5-10 years older
  7. Tournaments- tournaments are held typically held on weekends and will go both Saturday and Sunday
  8. Commitment- if you sign your child up, make sure they are committed to the entire season of showing up to practice AND tournaments

Overall your child will have an excellent opportunity to play, gain valuable experience and gain life-time friendships.

If you are looking for an AAU team, 2UrbanGirls recommends either The City Stars, a local team out of Inglewood under Coach Jimmie or Aim High out of Santa Clarita.  Aim High is a Nike sponsored Elite Youth Basketball team under the guidance of Vince and Kenny “The Jet” Smith.

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