A real life Jumanji in our cities

untitledWhat’s up with all of these stray animals roaming our streets?  Cats, dogs, possums, raccoons, they all creep me out especially in the summer when fleas thrive!

What is being done by city officials to rid the city of these rogue animals?  Packs of loose dogs have claimed the life of a woman in the Antelope valley and news today about a woman from Houston  being attacked this morning on her way to work by 15 stray dogs who camp out in the local cemetery.

What do us residents need to do?  Sounds like we need to arm ourselves to fend off these hungry animals.  Can we also stop our neighbors from feeding the strays?  It infests the neighborhood with ticks and fleas, YUCK!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You see it in Compton too, dogs after dogs, roaming around the city and sometimes you see more than four dogs. Hopefully animal control starts doing something about. Some properties have more than three dogs, the noise the make in the night.

    • UrbanGirl says:

      It’s a problem in every city. My question is, when these strays get hit, what is a reasonable amount of time before their carcass is picked up off the street? Sometimes it can take up to a week to remove, is that a health code violation to have a rotting, dead animal in the public streets?

      Urban Girl

      • Jo Morales says:

        Part of the long term solution is people spaying, neutering and being responsible for their pets. Less unwanted animals equals less strays. We have some feral cats here that I continue to bust my ass to get spayed and neutered. They help control the rodent population, and I would much rather have cats that rats. That shit about “My little girl thinks it’s her cat, but it’s really not her cat” doesn’t fly. Not a lot of sense in taking them to a shelter for certain death because of there is a natural or supplied food source, more will take their place. People move and abandon their animals that they never bothered to “fix”, so they roam the street and turn into more unwanted animals.

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