A message to our elected officials

Anthony Weiner

Anthony Weiner

City of New York mayoral candidate, Anthony Wiener is one of the most talked about political candidates this year.  Not for his actions in politics, but because of his love of sexting women who aren’t his wife.

Weiner also included snapshots of his “wiener” and has become a hot news item.  His name and actions are smeared across the world and we all know he is human for many of the citizenry reading about Weiner, may have at one point, sexted someone themselves.

Is he in a position to contact every news source and ask them to not print the pictures and/or story?  Does he wield that kind of power?  Most elected officials have google alerts set on themselves to keep up with what is written about them.  Do they not know the job they signed up for?

Public figures face even more scrutiny and LA County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas sums it up in an article on the LA Sentinel website when advising his own son, Sebastian Ridley-Thomas, on becoming a candidate for the 54th Assembly:

“I told him [Sebastian] to think long and hard about it [running for office], twice and then some. It’s not for those who are weak. It’s for those who are committed to service and he’s ultimately convinced me of that.”

If you aren’t up for the critique, maybe you aren’t up for the job.

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