A Decade of Decline: Bishop Johnny Young failed on his promise

untitledBishop Johnny Young is the longest sitting board member for Inglewood USD.  He followed Arnold Butler as the newly installed board president back in August 2011.  In his own words he had a vision to turn around the district and restore enrollment over the 17k mark. 

[ Bishop Young-A New Vision of Leadership at Inglewood Unified School District Aug 2011 ]

Community leaders heralded him as a man of vision with abundant experience having been a teacher, counselor and principal in the IUSD.  For all of his “experience” we landed in receivership with the state.  Aren’t we Inglewoodians so very happy that his term is finally up and we can move out of the Decade of Decline that he helped usher in?  To be fair, he didn’t lead the downward spiral all on his own.  He continued the horrendous job that Arnold Butler was doing.  Imagine my disgust when Butler was re-elected primarily due to running unopposed.

[ A vision for education in Inglewood and beyond Sept 2011 ]

Young likes to pat himself on the back for championing Measure K which his buddy benefited from.  With all those change orders submitted, and with no construction management system to track the changes, it created additional fuel for the already out of control IUSD fire.  With the state in the driver’s seat, I wouldn’t be surprised if it is finally revealed about the gross mismanaging of our tax dollars.

Recent photos surfaced of him and former Mayor Dorn at a Inglewood pastors breakfast.  There is also a newly created Equity in Education Committee all up in the states face regarding the state of the IUSD financials.  Could it be that Dr. Young and Roosevelot Dorn are the two championing this  effort against the state?  Is Dorn still upset his daughter wasn’t voted in as a board member?  Who is behind the Validation Academy Charter that will be awarded control of LaTijera?  Their website doesn’t show any indication that this charter has ever provided educational services anywhere!

IAMA prayer breakfast held May 8th

IAMA prayer breakfast held May 8th

I find it interesting that LaTijera is the first IUSD school slated to close and convert to charter.  Why?  LaTijera was just built.  LaTijera was built by the board members good friend.  LaTijera signed an agreement with Brotherhood Crusade to offer additional technical support to the teachers selected.  LaTijera will remain under IUSD control.  Most importantly, LaTijera is in one of the more affluent areas of Inglewood so Inglewood residents can’t cry foul that IUSD is disenfranchising poor kids.

I wouldn’t underestimate the efforts of the state with Mrs. Kirk-Carter being brought on board after the resignation of Kent Taylor.  While in Beverly Hills USD, she was able to uncover misappropriation of funds and the superintendent and his secretary were both tried and convicted for misusing public money.

[ Ex-Beverly Hills Unified School District superintendent sentenced for fund misuse ]

If you have any questions for Dr. Young concerning the state of the IUSD, you can usually find him tooling around Inglewood in his black Mercedes S 500 or over at his church down the street from the school.  Maybe we can make a field trip out of it?  We can all use some prayer in this dire time of need.

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