A Decade of Decline: Arnold Butler

Arnold Butler Seat #1

Arnold Butler Seat #1

What can I say about Arnold Butler?  He is a former teacher and current advisory board member of IUSD.  As many of you many not know, Butler was board president back in 2010.  Prior to that he was caught up in many lurid scandals involving assaulting children within the IUSD.  Many reputable periodicals, The LA Times and LA Wave, have all questioned his living in Inglewood and his qualifications overall.

IUSD is now under state control due to the board requesting a $55 million dollar bailout.  The state happily obliged and now the entire community is up in arms over the revelations we heard at a FCMAT meeting held on May 28th at Morningside High School.

We learned today that the students held a sit-in in protest of the possible departure of principal Dr. Sirls due to the fiscal uncertainty of the district.  What pissed me off the most is Butler sat in the FCMAT meeting and never had the balls to address the employees, parents, students and public to either justify his actions or simply apologize.

I found this great expose on Arnold Butler on the Mo’Kelly Report titled “What the Hell is Going on in Inglewood?!?!” from back in 2009.  Read for yourself at the bullshit we as taxpayers have had to put up with at the hands of this person.

Morningside High School students showing support for Dr. Sirls (photo credit Mr. Robinson)

Morningside High School students showing support for Dr. Sirls (photo credit Mr. Robinson)

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