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untitled2UrbanGirls has been asked by a loyal reader from Compton, to write an unflattering story about ourselves.  Why haven’t we run for office and also about our Minnie Mouse style of journalism.  Happy to oblige.

In high school I ran for senior class president and lost.  To myself.  It was a revelation on two different levels.

1.  People will tolerate you because they have to.

2.  Regardless of qualifications, people vote for who they like.

Currently, the only qualifications needed to be an elected official is 18 years old, resident of the city for x amount of time and no felonies.  That is really setting the standard low.  The other issue is the failure to have a solid enough third candidate to choose from.  Newly elected Compton Mayor Aja Brown is a testament to what a qualified, third candidate looks like.

The process of losing was a good experience for it has prevented me from ever wanting to be a politician.  I find that analyzing politics is far more suitable in it offers a far more valuable contribution than being elected.

I can speak freely without fear of recall. losing votes and/or advertising revenue.  This website is privately financed and maintained, which creates a more balanced and objective opinion.

Just as other new sources were started out of the desire to be more community focused and serve as an archive of stories, so was 2UrbanGirls.  Thankful for those who read and especially those who critique, having elected officials respond to our inquiries, validates that 2UrbanGirls is a trusted community source for political news.

In politics, many have to “wait their turn” to be elected, I don’t have to wait to discuss issues that are of pressing concerns to you, the readers.  You can either chose to read or not, however, your comments are proof the site is headed in the right direction.

As always, thank you for reading, and regardless of whether you agree/disagree with what is posted on this site, it comes from someone who is not a journalist, but a concerned community member.  The articles don’t have to be so sophisticated you can’t understand them.  Like my Dad always reminds me “keep it simple“.  And that’s what we are gonna continue to do.

If you wish to contribute to the site by posting your own articles on your community, 2UrbanGirls welcomes you to do so.  This is a community news source.  Use it!

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  1. Jo Morales says:

    I ran for class president, too. Not only did I lose, a student council member tore down/defaced all my signs ( I know how Aja Brown was feeling) and did not get in trouble “considering the kind of person I was”. I love your blog, please keep posting. 🙂

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