2urbangirls 2012 Election Voting Guide

Barack Obama & Joe Biden


30- Temporary Taxes to Fund Education  NO
31- State & Local Government Initiative YES
32- Political Contributions by Payroll Deduction YES
33- Auto Insurance based on Driving History YES
34- Death Penalty YES
35- Human Trafficking YES
36- 3 Strikes Law YES
37- Food Labeling YES
38- Tax to fund Education & Early Childhood Programs NO
39- Clean Energy for multi-state Businesses YES
40- Redistricting YES

Measure GG NO

Still confused on what each measure means or how to vote?  You may click on any of the listed propositions for more details on the specifics of a yes/no vote.  Or, we can talk about it by you adding a comment so we can assist each other.  The key to voting is understanding what/who you are voting for!

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  1. Erica says:

    why aren’t you supporting the kids?

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