Inglewood Boys Varsity Basketball coach resigns

2 Urban Girls hates to report the resignation of Inglewood Boy’s Varsity Coach Patrick Roy.  Roy has coached the team for nearly three decades.  Sources at Inglewood High tell this blog that the ongoing dispute with Principal Debbie Tate led to his departure.  Assistant Coach “Will” will take the reigns of the team.

Sources included that Roy made disparaging remarks about Ms. Tate when she left as the school’s Principal a few years ago to lead the district’s adult school.

Former Principal Kyle Douglas left the position vacant last school year when he accepted a position in Pasadena Unified, which led Inglewood Unified to return Ms. Tate to her former position.

The issues first came to this blog’s attention at the beginning of this school year.  Sources shared in October that the dispute was resolved.

According to Eric Sodenheimer, of the LA Times, Roy shared:

“It wasn’t worth me drawing the kids in,” he said.


Roy, an Inglewood graduate, has helped more than 85 basketball players receive college scholarships through the years. His teams won three Southern Section championships and he was the high school coach for NBA standout Paul Pierce and Harold Miner.


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