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Compton Elections: 2 Urban Girls predictions

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City of Compton residents are on the precipice of “change”.  That changes begins with electing the best leaders to lead the city in the right direction.  What characteristics/traits should residents be looking for in their candidate of choice?  Their ability to bring the council together, their ability to remain humble and most importantly take actions […]


Local mayor declares candidacy for Board of Equalization

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The 2018 Election season has begun.  Most candidates have already declared their intentions for desired seats and today 2 Urban Girls received a text from a local mayor declaring his candidacy for the seat soon to be vacated by Jerome Horton.

Jerry Brown calls for criminal investigation of Board of Equalization

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BY ADAM ASHTON Gov. Jerry Brown on Thursday asked the state Department of Justice to investigate California’s troubled Board of Equalization and severely restricted the tax agency’s ability to do business. In a letter sent to the board’s five elected members, The Democratic governor announced the tax agency will not be able to hire […]

Compton Elections: Meet City Treasurer candidate, Jenise Davis

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City of Compton residents are highly pissed off about the outrageous amount of money missing under the current City Treasurer.  Short of asking Comptonites to vote on a charter amendment removing the position as elected, they are tasked with selecting a new Treasurer on April 18th.  2 Urban Girls reached a former elected official, who […]

Breaking News: Judge puts Measure P in its place

Compton residents have gone to court against Measure P.  Although LA County filed a demur against the residents challenge, the judge threw it out and a trial date has been set.  What does this mean for potholes in Compton?


Event: The Los Angeles Community Garden Council Presents “A Garden Party” April 23rd in Pasadena

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The Los Angeles Community Garden Council (LACGC) partners with 42 communal gardens in LA County to provide training and resources to members of the community who want to grow their own fresh produce. LACGC offers traditional gardens where patrons can rent a plot of land; educational gardens where they teach gardening, nutrition, and culinary arts; […]


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The 25th Anniversary of the 1992 Los Angeles Uprising will be commemorated with a mass mobilization that includes a public rally and march. Themed “The Future of LA is in South LA: A Community Vision for Health and Justice 25 years After the 1992 LA Uprising,” the event calls community members and allied organizations to […]

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