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Who is the Avance Democratic Club

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Black and Brown relations continue to improve.  The Avance L.A. Democratic Club has a mission to engage and register Latino voters and cultivate the next generation of Latino leaders.  Their website touts statistics related to increasing numbers of registered Latino voters, yet the clubs recent endorsements in the Los Angeles council district 9 and Los […]

Inglewood’s Historic Core slowly coming back to life

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The Inglewood Airport Area Chamber of Commerce held their “Power of Business Contacts” at the soon to be remodeled Miracle Theatre located in Inglewood’s Historic Core at 226 South Market St.  The event was well attended by a diverse business community which included both long-term Inglewood business owners and many who are new to the […]

Compton mayor misleads community on Measure P

It’s not a good day in the city of Compton.  Mayor Aja Brown is adamant that the council is holding up progress in the city as it relates to fixing potholes.  On June 7, 2016, voters were asked to either approve or deny an increased sales tax, to fix city streets, pay for emergency services, […]


NBC wants to know what’s up with Compton streets

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Compton elections are heating up.  Looks like the mayor’s PR maven, Jasmyne Cannick, is doing her job of getting press to the city of Compton.  NBC reporter Patrick Healy has sent an email to council members questioning them about Mayor Aja Brown’s claims that they are holding up the implementation of Measure P, two of which […]


Green Dot seeks to open additional High School in Inglewood

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Green Dot schools are seeking to add another high school in the city of Inglewood.  Green Dot is the brainchild of former Los Angeles mayoral candidate Steve Barr.  After reading a scathing dossier printed in the Los Angeles Times, the article included a map of schools that were failing.  Barr tells 2 Urban Girls “they […]

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