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South LA councilman attempts to deceive Latino voters

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Councilman Curren D. Price Jr. is getting desperate and appears to be buying his seat this go round.  He has also found an ally in his former challenger, Ana Cubas.  Devastated by the LA Times endorsing his opponent, Jorge Nuno, Price released an endorsement email from Ana Cubas. Citing his “investment” in immigration services of $1 […]

Compton residents 2Urban Girls needs your help!

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Show us the money!  Compton will hold elections on Tuesday, April 18th.  With so many candidates running for the seats, it is quite cumbersome to reach out to them all.  So we are asking you, our valued readers, to pass this message along to them.


Gardena residents 2 Urban Girls needs your help!

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What’s the plan?  Gardena residents have a huge task ahead of them.  With the city’s best mayor, no longer on the dais, residents will have to choose a new leader for their growing city.   The current administration has focused most redevelopment on the city’s south end, without much thought given to the north side.  2 […]

Press Release: Burke Introduces Legislation to Lift 1,000,000 Children Out of Poverty

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SACRAMENTO – Assemblywoman Autumn R. Burke (D-Inglewood) has introduced landmark legislation that seeks to lift 1,000,000 California children out of poverty. AB 1520, known as the Lifting Children and Families Out of Poverty Act, commits the Legislature to a goal of reducing child poverty by 50 percent over the next 20 years and provides for […]

#ElectionWatch: Fact checking campaign promises

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Compton City Clerk Alita Godwin has worked in the same office for 33 years.  First appointed to the position in January 2004, Alita been elected by Compton residents since April 19, 2005.  Prior to the elections in 2013, Compton made the news for not being transparent and taking salaries during a month they held no […]


Los Angeles Times endorses rising Latino in #CD9 race

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Who did Curren Price piss off?   Curren D. Price Jr. has been in politics since his days attending Morningside High School.  Elected as the schools first black student body president, he rarely if at all goes back to give encouragement to the student body.    His political acumen actually goes back further.  The Price family […]

#ElectionWatch: Fact checking endorsements

It’s a great day in the city of Compton.  Compton School board trustee Satra Zurita has released a campaign flyer featuring a who’s who of elected officials supporting her for Compton City Clerk over incumbent, Alita Godwin.  For shits and giggles, 2 Urban Girls reached out to some of Zurita’s endorsers to find out why […]


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