Word on the Streets: Top executive to be transferred to another department

A top Compton City Hall executive is expected to be transferred to another department.  City Hall insiders share with 2 Urban Girls that former CRA director, now Successor Agency head, Kofi Sefa-Boakye, might be moved to the city’s housing department.  This alleged action comes at a time that the Successor Agency is hosting a community workshop to dispose of jointly held city owned property commonly known as the Compton Transit Center.

Compton residents have had their share of issues with the department in its failure to use redevelopment dollars to help businesses struggling along the Compton Blvd. corridor and residents seeking emergency funds to repair code violations on their property.  Instead Sefa-Boakye spent the money on acquiring various parcels around the city.

Former mayoral candidate Lynne Boone previously worked under Sefa-Boakye and regularly eludes to wrong doings during successor agency/city council meetings.

No stranger to controversy, In 2010, under the Perrodin Administration, Sefa-Boakye was placed on leave as reported by the former editor of the Compton Bulletin.

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Sources continued that Sefa-Boakye fired off a missive to the Department of Finance sharing all the reasons he shouldn’t be removed as head of the Successor Agency.

Sefa-Boakye was also responsible for the request absolving nearly $4 million owed by developers, to the Successor Agency.  Apparently an escrow company wouldn’t get involved, at Sefa-Boakye’s direction.  Resolution # 47 passed unanimously under Mayor Aja Brown’s administration.

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That’s $8 million dollars out of City Hall between a developer and thieves in the treasurer’s office.

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  1. Robert Ray says:

    I have been saying for years that Kofi needed to go. Everything he touched has cost the city millions of dollars. He was in such a hurry to purchase property 6 years ago that he displaced people from their homes, shut down businesses, and even shut down a church. 6 years later that property sits empty.

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