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Black and Brown relations continue to improve.  The Avance L.A. Democratic Club has a mission to engage and register Latino voters and cultivate the next generation of Latino leaders.  Their website touts statistics related to increasing numbers of registered Latino voters, yet the clubs recent endorsements in the Los Angeles council district 9 and Los Angeles Community College district seat 4 races have Latinos scratching their heads.  

Since when does a club, that exists solely to advance and cultivate Latino leadership, endorse TWO black candidates over Latinos?  Has the NAACP ever endorsed a Latino over a Black candidate?

LA Community College trustee and Latino incumbent Ernesto Romero was overlooked in favor of Dallas Fowler, who I have no clue what she does specifically to advocate on behalf of Latinos.

Latino Mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, who put Dallas on TWO city commissions, perhaps as political favor, isn’t listed on Fowler’s endorsement roster but a Latino democrat club is?

“Dallas Fowler has keen leadership instincts and is ready to lead on education policy,” said Ana Guerrero, President of Avance Democratic Club.  “We are confident she will make a great addition to the Los Angeles Community College District Board of Trustees.

LAAAWPPI/LAAAWPAC has yet to endorse their alumnae either.

Ready to lead on education policy?  Keen leadership instincts?  2 Urban Girls reached out to the club to expand on their endorsement and have yet to receive a response.  2 Urban Girls likes how the LA Times so eloquently puts it:

Seat 4: Ernest H. Moreno is the clear choice. A retired district administrator (and former president of East Los Angeles Community College), Moreno possesses an impressive level of institutional knowledge, albeit heavy on the financial and operational side. His challenger, Dallas Denise Fowler, is a Democratic activist who has injected an unwelcome level of partisanship into a non-partisan race.

Over in Council District 9, up and coming Latino leader Jorge Nuno was passed over in favor of Curren Price.

These endorsements don’t surprise 2 Urban Girls considering this club is headed by Mayor Eric Garcetti’s chief of staff, Ana Guerrero.

Ay dios mio!

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