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Down goes Najee Ali

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Is this the end for Najee Ali?  The community has a love/hate relationship with the man formerly known as Ronald Eskew.  Now known as Najee Ali, he has made a name for himself as a community activist.  Occasionally he benefits from the communities short term memory as his position on certain issues flip flops. It […]

Compton taxpayers will pay for Performing Arts Center, not Dr. Dre

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BOND MEASURE REVEALS GREATER NEED FOR TRANSPARENCY IN COMPTON The city of Compton promotes “#TransparencyTuesday as a way to bring attention to the city council meetings taking place every Tuesday, in Compton City Hall.  The residents have listened and have many questions about items, on the July 19 agenda, that reveal bonds are being refinanced, […]

Compton newspaper endorses Nannette Barragan for Congress

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The Compton Herald has chosen NOT to endorse the native son. Compton residents awoke to the news that the paper chose to endorse Nanette Barragan over the presumptive candidate Isadore Hall III, who is from Compton.

Compton residents raise funds to recount Measure P ballots

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Dear Fellow Compton Citizens: We as a community pooled resources in just three days and were successful in raising $4000.00 in order to conduct an election recount. Congratulations and thank you to everyone who wished us well or were able to actually contribute to our continued effort to repeal Measure P by any means necessary. […]

What more can the Compton mayor do

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Gun violence continues to plague the city of Compton.  Despite the collaborative efforts put forth by Mayor Aja Brown, gun violence continues to spiral out of control.  Residents have taken to social media to vent frustrations about the uptick in shootings, two occurring this past Saturday, and place the blame squarely on the shoulders of […]


Sales tax measure passes in the city of Compton

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Sales tax in the city of Compton just went up to 10%.  23 days after the June 7th election, Dean Logan’s staff at the LA County Registrar and Recorders office have finished counting all ballots and what was thought to be a defeat, has turned into a much needed victory for the city’s mayor.


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