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KDAY is “Ray Charles” to the questions

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What is going on at 93.5 KDAY?  As the popular urban station continues to gain its footing by increasing their presence throughout Los Angeles county, it appears to have had no impact on the stations rating. In fact, listeners are confused as to what is happening with the stations morning show.

Frontier Communications outages could cost residents their lives

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The Frontier acquisition of Verizon is turning into a disaster.  After the multi billion dollar acquisition of Verizon land lines, in April of this year, customers have complained of outages since day one.  In addition to the outages, billing issues are also of concern to their nearly 4 million new customers.  Frontier executives informed the […]

Prime Healthcare sued by Feds for Medicare Fraud

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Prime Healthcare, which operates Centinela Hospital in Inglewood, CA, is being sued by the federal government for Medicare fraud.  Allegations include having doctors needlessly admit patients for more expensive treatment.

Who got paid to “promote” the sales tax initiative in Compton

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As the Los Angeles County Registrar and Recorders office continues to count votes, residents are counting city hall staffers, and convicted felons, who were paid to promote the city sponsored measure.  

Lennox School District FREE meal program for ALL under 18

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Lennox School District is offering a FREE SUMMER FOOD PROGRAM at five schools throughout the Lennox area.  The program is open to ALL under the age of 18 years old.  See flyer for details.

Has Compton worked out the kinks in their surveillance equipment

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Is the city’s investment in surveillance camera’s helping deter crime?  The short answer is no.  Dating back to 2012, the city of Compton has spent millions on installing surveillance camera’s around the city, and in city parks, to no avail.  Crime is up and the rate of solving said crime is down.  Residents are also […]

Who funded the YES on Measure P Campaign

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The YES Measure P 1% sales tax campaign amassed at least $54,150* in contributions of which only $1,425 was listed as being from Compton. Overwhelmingly contributions came from addresses outside of Compton to guarantee a win using slick branding, radio ads, multiple 4-color glossy mailers, videos, consultants, a professional office with a phone bank, a […]


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