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Skyy Fisher update

Sentencing for former Compton school board trustee Skyy Fisher, was scheduled to take place today, in a San Diego courtroom at 9:00 am.  According to sources within the San Diego County District Attorney’s office, sentencing was continued.  Prosecuting attorney Lisa Fox was not available for comment.


Behind the scenes of the CA Democrat State Convention

This past weekend, Democrats descended up on San Jose, CA, for the democratic convention.  Many household names were no brainers, when they picked up their endorsements.  What wasn’t anticipated was a trusted ally in the African-American community, turning their back on key supporters of hers.


Familiar face rejoins Hawthorne city council

In a late night email, thanking her supporters, Katrina Manning announced that the mayor and council appointed Olivia Valentine.  Ms. Valentine is the only African-American on the council and joins the other female councilmember, Angie Reyes-English, to steer the city in a prosperous direction.


Compton councilman’s brothers targeted in gang shooting

Compton councilman Isaac Galvan lost his younger brother to gang violence, outside of the family home in East Los Angeles.  Another brother was also shot but is expected to survive his injuries. Sheriff’s officials said the shooting was gang-related, and the victims appeared to have been targeted. Detectives said the victims, Dennis and Larry Galvan, […]


Word on the Streets: Compton Unified Teacher Walkout

As the narrative flows in the direction of the great strides being made in the Compton Unified School District (CUSD) to increase test scores and graduation rates, the teachers actions indicate all isn’t well.  There have been a war of words between the Compton Education Association and Superintendent Darin Brawley, however, Board President Satra Zurita […]


Mother of three killed by Inglewood Police

  KTLA is reporting that an African-American mother of three, and her male companion, were killed in shooting involving the Inglewood Police Department (IPD) .  Details are sketchy.  According to the press release issued by the department, the car was immobile in the intersection of Manchester and Inglewood Ave.

California work safety officials say NO to condoms in porn

Porn stars will not have to wear condoms after adult actors pleaded with lawmakers. California officials in charge of workplace safety voted down the proposal to make those in the industry wear the protection.

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