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images2 Urban Girls is excited to present to you our 2016 voting guide.  This list includes local and state ballot measures.  FYI, this blog will never endorse a candidate for judge. They don’t debate and visions of Mark Ciavarella’s deception as a republican with democrat rhetoric used for selling kids to prisons for cash, still dances in our head.

Candidate/Measure/Proposition 2 Urban Girls says… Why?
President Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump Jill Stein Benghazi.  The POTUS leads the armed forces and Hillary’s handling of the Benghazi debacle has me concerned of how she will lead the military should she be elected.
Congress Sen. Isadore Hall or Nanette Barragan Isadore Hall Isadore lost the endorsement of all major newspapers, however, the area now known as CA44, formerly the 37th District, has a long history of being represented by Black legislators: Walter Tucker, Juanita Millender McDonald, Laura Richardson and Yvonne Brathwaite-Burke.
U.S. Senate Kamala Harris or Loretta Sanchez Loretta Sanchez Her office falsified confessions to secure convictions and her office wanted to preserve prison labor after Prop 47 passed.  #ImCoolOnKamala
U.S. Rep Maxine Waters or Omar Navarro Omar Navarro #NoComment
SD35 Steve Bradford or Warren Furutani Steve Bradford Hopefully he remains vocal on police brutality issues as he did as a “former elected”.
AD 54 Sebastian Ridley-Thomas or Glen Ratcliff Sebastian Ridley-Thomas Sebastian is gonna have to do more for blacks than hold talks with UCLA re: admissions.
AD62 Autumn Burke Autumn Burke Autumn is a strong supporter of women’s rights through the legislation she has championed and has had signed into law by Gov. Brown.
AD64 Mike Gipson or Teresa Sanford Teresa Sanford Mike Gipson refuses to speak out against police brutality; as a former cop this doesn’t surprise me.  He also refused to stand up for poisoned residents in Carson’s carousel tract. #DontBeLikeMike
Measure A Replace funding for parks, playgrounds and reduce gang activity.  Would also create an oversight committee. HELL NO Our parks have become de facto soccer fields. #JustSayNo
Meausre M Pay a “forever” tax for Metro projects. HELL NO According to Metro’s own data, ridership is consistently heading downward facing dog, in addition to not knowing where the money is going from the toll lanes on the 110 freeway.  Didn’t think so.   #JustSayNo
Prop 51 Borrow $9 billion for school bonds FUCK NO Buildings don’t teach kids, teachers do.  Fix that problem first.
Prop 52 Restrict diverting funds from medi-cal
Prop 53 forces statewide vote on bonds over $2 billion Yes please.
Prop 54 Requires legislation to be published online before final vote
Prop 55 extend income tax rates for those earning $250,000 +
Prop 56 Raise tobacco tax by $2 Yes please. You still smoke cigarettes knowing it kills you and those around you?  #TaxThatAss
Prop 57 New parole rules for non violent felons making them eligible for early release based on effort to earn credits towards school FUCK NO The huge uptick in crime by those released early is #NoBueno (see Chicago stats)
Prop 58 Repeals bilingual education; FUCK NO If you come to this country you must learn English.  This discriminates against non Spanish speaking teachers.
Prop 59 Repeal citizens united campaign finance rule Yes please.
Prop 60 Requires condoms in porn FUCK NO This is the dumbest prop on the ballot. #SorryIsadore
Prop 61 Price  limits on prescription druges Yes please.
Prop 62 Repeal the death penalty; only receive LIFE without parole Yes please.
Prop 63 Gun control:  background checks to purchase ammo + new felony charges for gun theft + ban sale of large capacity magazines Uh, no.
Prop 64 Legalizes marijuana with sales only to persons 21+.  Tax revenue would go towards law enforcement and marijuana education programs Yes please. Will employers abolish pre-employment drug testing?
Prop 65 Send plastic bag fees to environmental programs? Uh, no.
Prop 66 Speed up the death penalty process by setting time limits on review of convictions? Yes please.
Prop 67 Do you want plastic bags banned forever (vote yes) or nah (vote no)? Yes please. Plastic is made from oil and isn’t biodegradeable so banning their existence to keep our ocean and landfill free of the clutter, #JustSayYES
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