Is Demenno Kerdoon continuing to illegally dump in the Compton Creek

dklogoDemenno Kerdoon (DK), World Oil and Council member Tana McCoy invite you to help them clean up the Compton Creek.  This announcement comes weeks after the city was fined $160,000, for raw sewage and other pollutants that spilled into Compton Creek at least eight times from 2010 to 2013, which the city failed to report.  Did DK’s campaign contributions silence city hall?

DeMenno-Kerdoon has been a long time business in the city of Compton that process recycled used oil and antifreeze.  Everyone and their mama, in the environmental world, knows this is nearly impossible.  DK also has a long history of receiving violations for their activities in the Hub City.

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DK has received environmental fines, in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, for illegal dumping and violation of the clean air act.

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DK keeps the politicians off their backs by contributing to every sitting incumbent and challenger each election cycle.  Many wonder if the DK cleanups are attached to possible continued illegal dumping in the creek.


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