Disgraced bank funds local political campaigns

downloadWill Congressional candidate Nanette Barragan return a campaign contribution from Wells Fargo? After coming under fire for defrauding thousands of their customers, one of the nations largest bankers was fined $185 million dollars, with $50 million coming to the city and county of Los Angeles.  In light of this deceit, Barragan’s opponent, Sen. Isadore Hall, is challenging her to return the funds she received from the disgraced banker.

“I am frankly appalled by the scale of problems at Wells Fargo,” Senator Hall said. “As a State Senator, I fully support California’s decision to suspend doing business with Wells Fargo, and as your Congressman I intend to make sure the federal government holds Wells Fargo accountable as well.”

In contrast, Hall’s opponent, Nanette Barragan, spent more than a decade representing a variety of Wall Street banks as they foreclosed on thousands of Southern California homeowners. Barragan’s law firm, Alvarado & Smith, lists Wells Fargo as a client and Barragan has received thousands of dollars in donations from lawyers and law firms who represent Wells Fargo and other big, Wall Street banks.

“The fact is Wells Fargo stole from hardworking Californians and no candidate running for Congress should accept money directly or indirectly from this bank,” Hall added.

Senator Hall called on Barragan to return every dollar she’s received from lawyers who get rich representing Wells Fargo.   In addition to returning contributions, Hall called on his opponent to release her tax returns to allow voters to judge her connection to the banking industry for themselves.

“I’ve spent my entire career working to improve our communities, and my taxes reflect that,” said Hall. “My opponent has lived her entire adult life outside the 44th District, so I think the people deserve to know who she’s been working for and who she’ll be loyal to.”

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