Compton mayor doesn’t support marijuana legalization


Compton’s April election cycle is drawing near.  Unfortunately, Mayor Aja Brown will not have an easy road to re-election.  From her state of the city fiasco in July 2015 (one wasn’t held this year), allegations of nonexistent gang programs, increase crime and murders in the city and now it appears she may be going back on another campaign promise.  Stopping the legalization of recreational marijuana in her city.

Mayor Brown was interviewed by Ryan Buxton, for Huffington Post, last year.  In that discussion Buxton writes:

Voters in Compton elected Brown in June 2013. She was 31 years old at the time, making her the city’s youngest-ever mayor. Since taking office, Brown has spoken out against the legalization of marijuana and said she hopes to make Compton the new Brooklyn.

There have been rumors throughout the city, that Compton’s Congresswoman had to close her office in Compton city hall, due to an allegation that one of her staffers was taking bribes from marijuana enterprises on behalf of his “sister”.  Calls to Congresswoman Hahn’s office have gone unreturned.

Today the city of Compton is holding a public hearing, at 5:30 pm in council chambers, on whether to implement a full ban in the city.  A full ban would prohibit dispensaries, cultivation, delivery and the like.

A couple of years ago, government as a whole, was against the idea of dispensaries.  Violence has been attached to some and enforcement is a hot button issues in the cities of Compton and Los Angeles.  Cultivation appears to be the safest route for city’s to take advantage of this new revenue source.

To view the mayor, in her own words, discuss being against the legalization of recreational marijuana, click here


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  1. Mr Wright says:

    its true i have the letter he was passing out. he is the son of Mr kimmbrew.

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