City of Lynwood approves marijuana cultivation

hemp2Anthony Rendon’s Senate District just won the lottery.  In a 3-2 vote, the Lynwood city council has approved marijuana cultivation along the Alameda Corridor.  The catch is, the city is only allowing five businesses the right to hold a license.  Have those five already been identified?

Attorney Aaron Herzberg of marijuana real estate firm CalCann Holdings says the Lynwood law would allow five businesses to hold local marijuana permits. He says the lucky operators would be able to switch to recreational marijuana uses should California voters legalize it in November.

“All facilities approved for medical marijuana will be grandfathered in to allow for licensing under Proposition 64 (recreational marijuana) if it passes on November 8, 2016,” according to a statement from Herzberg’s office.

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The law could feasibly allow weed cultivation even before the first state permits are issued in 2018. “Until state licenses are issued people can legally operate under the old system as collectives or cooperatives — under the state attorney general’s guidelines,”

The Lynwood ordinance would also allow manufacturing and “extraction” to create more potent forms of marijuana-related drugs, such as concentrates, according to our reading of the attorney’s analysis.

“All facilities are required to be 600 feet away from schools, daycare centers or youth centers and 50 feet away from any residential zones,” according to the statement.

CalCann Holdings says it already has a few suitable properties available. More information on that can be found here.

It is not clear the fee structure for applications, licensing and taxes.

Will Senate District 35 follow their neighbors lead and approve marijuana cultivation in their cash strapped cities?


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