Compton council woman served with recall papers

janna zurita

Compton residents surprised a recently re-elected councilwoman with recall papers during the city council meeting held April 5, 2016.  Those in the audience remarked the papers were handed to them prior to going into closed session.

Janna Zurita was elected in June 2011 over then incumbent Barbara Calhoun.

Zurita has since dodged claims she doesn’t live in her district and assertions she is the first elected official, of Latin descent, on the dais (see article below).

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Her family is synonymous with Compton politics.

Her mother, Delores Zurita previously served on city council, alongside her nephew former Mayor Omar Bradley.  Her sister Satra Zurita is the new President of the Compton School Board and her daughter, Armani Taylor, entered the family business serving as District Liaision in aunt Janna’s office.

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Residents have attempted to recall former elected officials to no avail.

Zurita fought a hard battle to stay on the dais.  Richard Alatorre forced her into a runoff, last year, with less than 100 votes deciding the outcome.

This council meeting also revealed the City Controller abruptly resigned.

Will the Latino residents support this recall?  Stay tuned.

3 Responses so far.

  1. Mr Wright says:

    who ever this dummy thats doing the recall need to stop your signature after three tries have failed.

  2. Lou says:

    I think this recall will be the first to succeed. One reason is Re-Districting which will require less signatures per district. This recall is for 1st District ONLY.

  3. Robert Ray says:

    It is not a sad day in Compton. This recall should have happened years ago when the DA’s Public Integrity Unit refused to prosecute her. She does NOT live in the district that she is representing which is illegal.

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