Monthly Archives: December 2015

BET Show explores being Black AND Gay in the Church

Is being homosexual a detriment to the survival of the Black race?  Despite the new mass appeal of being homosexual, it is still taboo in the Black community.  Let me correct that, it is more acceptable to be a gay Black woman than a gay Black man.  Many argue that being homosexual doesn’t allow for […]

Chicago Urban Leagues Responds to Resignation of Superintendent McCarthy

Conflicting stories have come out surrounding the city of Chicago’s chief of police, Garry McCarthy.  Across the pond, the DailyMail is reporting that Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel “ousted” the city’s chief while the Chicago Urban League released a statement on his “resignation”.  This is of concern seeing that if the chief did in fact “resign”, […]

Urban Girl of the Year: Dr. Melina Abdullah

Dr. Melina Abdullah is an organizer within Black Lives Matter-LA (BLMLA) and the Chair of the Pan-African Studies Department at California State University, Los Angeles.  She was selected as our “Urban Girl of the Year” for her consistent advocacy, for the last two years, on behalf of unarmed men being killed by police.  

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