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Miseducating the urban community contributes to “aggression”

What’s aggression?  The Urban Girl Show looked at the root of aggression, in urban communities, on this week’s show.  Inadequate education, inadequate job training and inadequate opportunities are definite indicators those who don’t have the aforementioned will not be the happiest person in the community.  How do we change that?

Making the case to release Cap & Trade Funds

As urban communities continue to be plagued with a flawed transportation system, that allows for the movement of goods, via smog causing trucks, the cap & trade program sought and receives, funds from gross polluters, which is to be reinvested back into the communities they are polluting. 

California Scheming? Funneled Donations Raise Ethics Queries

State Sen. Jerry Hill (D-San Mateo) said Tuesday that he introduced a bill that would forbid members of the state Board of Equalization from acting on any tax matters involving donors who had given any amount of money to their political campaigns in the previous 12 months.


Inglewood Airport Area Chamber of Commerce President wants you to know…

A second letter, authored by Inglewood Airport Area Chamber of Commerce Marc T. Little, has appeared in the Los Angeles Times, to refute egregious claims made against the city of Inglewood, in response to city council changing city council meetings to daytime only.  Residents have had mixed reactions to the recent change, yet, Mr. Little […]

Popular South LA Bishop fights allegations of being a “pedophile”

The head of the country’s fifth largest Christian church has hit back at one of his own pastors by suing him for repeatedly being accused of being a gay pedophile who has received thousands of dollars in kickbacks, Daily Mail Online has learned exclusively.


City of Compton and Mayor Aja Brown named in new lawsuit

A mother of 3 and holder of 3 degrees, from UCLA, has sued the city of Compton, the mayor, her husband and their nonprofit Urban Vision Community Development Corp., for non payment of wages.


Is Gentrification Coming to Inglewood

This weeks Urban Girl Show explored gentrification in the city’s of Compton & Inglewood.


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