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Exxon Mobil to sell Torrance plant to company buying faulty plants

Residents in the city of Torrance are still thanking their lucky stars that they are alive and breathing.  An explosion, in early 2015, at the Torrance based Exxon Mobil refinery, set the wheels in motion that the plant was sold the previous month, to an independent company based in New Jersey.  It also revealed a highly […]

LA County Probation Chief abruptly resigns

A self-proclaimed ethics chief abruptly resigns after divorce proceedings reveal he got caught doing something highly unethical with a subordinate on the job.  Using family credit cards, his wife was able to verify the infidelity.  In the words of Barry White, he should’ve practiced what he preached.


Who will assume the soon to be vacant Compton city council seat

With last week’s not so surprising announcement of Yvonne Arceneaux’s retirement, from the Compton city council, speculation mounts as to whether a costly special election will be held or will someone be appointed to her seat.  2 Urban Girls has identified two potential up and comers, who are worthy of consideration.


Watts icon endorses TWO candidates for the SAME Senate seat

A longtime activist, in the Watts community, is highly regarded in the political community.  Her endorsements have assisted many candidates win their campaigns.  Strangely, she has endorsed two candidates running for the 35th Senate District race.  She also happens to sit on an important oversight committee in the neighboring city of Compton.


Community questions ethics of new Compton school board trustee

Last month Compton residents went to the polls to fill three seats on the Compton School board.  Two incumbents were re-elected and a Los Angeles County Probation Officer was added, to the seven member body.  Video footage has surfaced that alludes to the officer of the court, filing a false police report.


Compton city councilwoman resigns

Yvonne Arceneaux has enjoyed a long career serving the city of Compton residents.  First as a teacher in Compton Unified and as city councilwoman, since 1993.  She has escaped prosecution and allegations of misappropriating funds, unlike some of her colleagues and is well liked throughout the city.  After months of speculation, and her increased prescience […]


CA Atty. Gen. gives “OK” for LA County to sue local mayor

Since taking a seat on the city of Carson dais, its current mayor was in the cross hairs of the LA County Dist. Atty., dating back to Steve Cooley.  It is widely known that there are multiple elected officials, holding two elected seats, yet the current district attorney is choosing to go after the Latino, […]

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