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City of Los Angeles needs a ‘Department of Homelessness’

Written by General Jeff DOWNTOWN- Earlier this summer, the LA City Council created an ad hoc Homelessness and Poverty committee. Because of the overwhelming need to address homelessness citywide, the committee was soon changed from an ad hoc to a permanent standing committee. 

Inglewood Housing Authority to open Section 8 list

The Inglewood Housing Authority will accept Section 8 applications December 2nd and 3rd ONLY.


Midnight Madness tonight at Inglewood High School

Come out tonight and support the Inglewood High School basketball sports program.  Midnight Madness begins at 8pm in the gym.  Special coaches will be Inglewood High alumni, now Los Angeles Clipper, Paul Pierce and the Mayor of Inglewood, James Butts.

Are activists contradicting their own message

A noted community activist has made local headlines for their disagreement with leaders of the Black Lives Matter- Los Angeles chapter.  As both sides want an end to the senseless deaths of African-Americans, they deliver that message, in opposing manners.  As one activist has chosen to vent their frustrations through the media, we wonder if […]

An Open Letter From Former Directors of Justice Together

November 13, 2015 You may have heard of us, but you likely do not know who we are. So, we would like to formally introduce ourselves. You likely never see us, because we are the people who work behind the scenes. You likely never hear about us, because we are the people who volunteer our […]

Is there any hope for Inglewood Unified School District

Will Inglewood Unified School District (IUSD) go full charter?  That is the question on Inglewood stakeholders minds, as a recently released audit reveals IUSD has yet to turn a positive corner, since going under state control in 2012.  As Los Angeles Unified (LAUSD) board member Monica Ratliff explores turning one of the nations largest school […]


1500 or Nothin’ Entertainment Launch Music School

On Friday November 13, 2015, 1500 or Nothin will Launch the program at City Honors High School, 120 Regent, Inglewood California 12-­‐1pm. 1500 or Nothin CEO Larrance Dopson, will host a meet and greet and Q&A.  Student surveys and other activities will take place during the  lunch hour. 

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