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Inglewood Mayor Named Public Sector Leader of the Year

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Boom!  The Southern California Leadership Network has named Inglewood Mayor James Butts their Public Sector Leader of the Year.  Butts will receive the Visionary Award on December 9, 2015, at The Majestic Downtown, during a luncheon.

Investigation reveals Hawthorne mayoral candidate acted inappropriately with city staff

Alex Vargas has sat on the Hawthorne city council since 2009.  He was elected via a successful grassroots campaign that allowed him to become re-elected to a second term.  He is currently campaigning for mayor, on a platform of bringing transparency to Hawthorne residents.  What Vargas has failed to be transparent about is astonishing.  In […]

Audited financials for 2002 Compton school bond

On November 5, 2002, 83% of Compton voters passed Measure I, authorizing an $80 million dollar bond, for school repairs.  In the summer of 2015, a public hearing on the upcoming Measure S bond measure revealed the money was spent on things the public “can’t see”.


Compton city council hires a permanent City Manager

In a late night press release, the city of Compton announced they have a new city manager.  Roger Haley formerly served as the city manager in nearby Lynwood, for seven years, and was then “forced out” according to then city councilwoman, now mayor, Aide Castro.  Haley has a history of not being “punked” by the mayor.


Meet Hawthorne city council candidate: Amie Shepard

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Amie Shepard wants your vote.   As a candidate for the upcoming election in Hawthorne, Tuesday, November 3rd, Amie says she is running to turn things around.  A realtor by trade, she is a long time resident of the city and is eager to join the dais.  2 Urban Girls had the opportunity to speak with […]

Is Compton City Hall against Measure S

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Back to business as usual?  Now that the dust has settled, the Compton city council has resumed meetings for the Compton Gaming and Housing Development Commissions.  As par the course, both agendas prepared for the regular Tuesday, October 13, 2015, council meeting lacks substance.  Another item up for discussion is authorizing the city manager to […]


Op-Ed: Colleges Work to Close Labor Force’s Skills Gap

By Sydney Kamlager Monday, October 5, 2015 Recently, I was reminded again that California and Los Angeles have a problem – we need to do better preparing workers for the 21st century economy. The numbers are staggering.

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