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San Pedro Democratic Club Supports Sen. Isadore Hall for Congress

It was an interesting endorsement meeting yesterday, for the San Pedro Democratic Club.  While candidates for the 44th Congressional District assembled for the crucial endorsement, to the surprise of those in attendance, one candidate simultaneously dropped out of the race.  Sen. Isadore Hall successfully captured the endorsement with over 70% of the votes casted by members.


Hawthorne elected officials are missing in action

Katrina Manning is a long-time Hawthorne resident and has run multiple times for Hawthorne city council.  Katrina has racked up many endorsements, however, it is troubling that none of the former and/or current city council members have endorsed her candidacy.  What’s up with that?

United Farm Workers’ Backing Floods Hall Campaign With More Momentum

Sen. Isadore Hall continues to receive endorsements from reputable organizations.  The latest being from the United Farm Workers, founded by Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta.  In announcing the organization’s endorsement of Senator Hall, United Farm Workers President Arturo Rodriguez released the following statement:


Firestone Boulevard Regional Corridor Capacity Enhancement Project

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The City of South Gate is working on a major improvement of Firestone Boulevard. Interested stakeholders are invited to an open house on October 29, 1-3pm, at the Azalea Shopping Center.  See flyer below.

Russell Simmons RushCard holders still have no access to cash

How low can you go?  Lending money to low-income communities has become financial and political fodder for those exploiting them.  From predatory home loans, car title loans and pre-paid debit cards, these so-called solutions are not the good ideas many in the low-income community thought they would be.  The recent catastrophe of predatory lending comes […]


Why is their tension amongst South LA Black Activists

I smell…tension!  With the African-American community in a continued uproar over the violence plaguing our community, it doesn’t make matters any better, when you have top leaders pitted against one another.  Both are highly respected and doing an outstanding job, both individually and collectively, of bringing awareness to the suffering Blacks are facing at the […]


Blind Item: Got Loyalty?

What’s loyalty?  This candidates lack of loyalty, could lead to their downfall.  Although they present in an articulate and charismatic fashion, many question their true intentions in the community.  So does 2 Urban Girls.


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