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Carson mayor has a choice to make

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Mayor or Water Board member?  That is the choice facing Carson Mayor Albert Robles as the District Attorney’s office moves forward with forcing him to vacate one of the seats he was elected to.  Ironically, there is another elected official, holding similar multiple seats, who is not under investigation with the district attorney’s office but […]


Los Angeles Unified School District loses key lawsuits

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Are property values still on the decline in Los Angeles, CA?  If you ask the Los Angeles Unified School District’s (LAUSD) legal team, the answer is yes.  LAUSD filed suit in Sept. 2014, alleging that JP Morgan Chase and Citigroup, violated the Fair Housing Act (FHA), which caused a high number of foreclosures and property […]

City of Inglewood Farmers Market approved by City Council

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Congratulations to the Social Justice Learning Institute (SJLI) for getting approved for their Inglewood Certified Farmer’s Market.  After a successful pre-launch, at this year’s Earth Day Festival, the city has approved four (4) dates, for Inglewood residents and community members, to patronize and enjoy.  Executive Director D’Artagnan Scorza, staffers Derek Steele and Myca Tran, are […]

Inglewood Unified receives sound insulation funding

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Inglewood schools have received $10 million in federal sound insulation funding.  At tomorrow’s scheduled Inglewood Unified School District (IUSD) board meeting, current state trustee, Dr. Don Brann, will formally announce the funding to aid schools which lie directly under the flight path.  The application was submitted by former state trustee, LaTanya Kirk-Carter, and the Inglewood students and […]

School drug counselors charged in $46 million fraud scheme

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LOS ANGELES (AP) — Some were students who had tried drugs or alcohol, but didn’t have substance abuse problems. Others were young addicts in need of help.

A Call for Reform in the LBC

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Is the Long Beach Police Department in need of reform?  Fresh off a devastating defeat, the Long Beach Police Department has been exposed for wrongfully terminating an African-American employee.  In the wrongful termination lawsuit, Massey v Long Beach PD (BC 518178), the city was found liable and will pay out nearly $500,000 in combined damages […]

Democrat mayor opposes rent control in his city

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Is rent control a thing of the past?  A newly passed ordinance in the City of Richmond is facing opposition via a mystery sponsored petition.  The city’s mayor, Tom Butt, is opposed to rent control.  The mayor’s position on keeping rents stabilized for the residents is strange, especially considering he is a democrat.  The median […]

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