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The Growing Global Water Footprint

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The average American lifestyle requires about 2,000 gallons of water every day. Fresh water consumption has doubled since World War II and is expected to rise 25% by 2030. All of this water use takes a toll on the planet and can create water scarcity which effects up to 2.8 billion people around the world at […]

BOE Chairman Supports Targeting Medical Cannabis Tax Evasion

Board of Equalization (BOE) Chairman Jerome E. Horton announces his support for a “Cannabis Tax Enforcement ‘Eliot Ness’ Plan,” which is intended to educate, investigate, audit, arrest, and force cannabis sellers to pay their fair share of taxes. Horton is sponsoring new legislation authored by Assemblyman Mike Gipson, “The Cannabis Tax Amnesty Act,” which is an […]

Barragán’s First Fundraising Report Exceeds Hall’s First Fundraising Report in CA-44

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Does Senator Isadore Hall III have reason to worry?  Hermosa Beach mayor pro tem, and darling of the environmental community, Nanette Barragan has out fundraised the Senator, according to 1st quarter financial filings.  With an impressive list of endorsements, Barragan is the most qualified candidate to ever run against Hall.  This congressional race is shaping up […]

Democrats don’t care about your safety

A bill that would increase regulatory oversight of California building contractors fell one vote short of advancing Tuesday after several Democrats abstained in the Assembly Business and Professions Committee.  A recently elected southern California democrat was one of the ones who abstained.

Compton residents respond to the mayors first State of the City

Will Compton residents receive all of their money back from this production?  With growing dissent among the City of Compton residents, they remain divided on their perceptions of Mayor Aja Brown’s first two years in office.  They are forced to make a tough decision.  Believe their own eyes or succumb to the mayor’s vision?  From […]


City of Compton State of the City is today

Does a conflict of interest exist, when taxpayers are paying for the facility and staff, to host events for their mayors nonprofit?  As Compton Mayor Aja Brown prepares to address the rising crime, issues surrounding public safety and modified emergency services, at the late night event, questions have arisen as to who has rented the […]


Sacramento land lease deal directly violates city municipal code

The Sacramento mayor and city council voted on a deal that violated the city’s municipal code.  At a May 20, 2014, of the Financing/Housing/Public Financing Authority meeting, the city submitted Report #2014-00346, which related to the Entertainment and Sports Center Terms and Agreement.  City staff recommended the mayor and council approve a resolution, in the […]

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