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Selling body parts is lucrative

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In honor of “throwback thursday” how many remember the scandal that rocked the UCLA Willed Body Program?  An investigation discovered the businessman was in cahoots with the UCLA director…


Melendez Calls for Full State Audit of Planned Parenthood

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The audit will focus on potential fraud and black market criminal violations Sacramento – Assemblywoman Melissa A. Melendez, R-Lake Elsinore, has officially requested to the Joint Legislative Audit Committee a state audit of Planned Parenthood.


Is LA County Metro trying to create slums

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An interesting article recently appeared on California Political Review and was authored by Stephen Frank.  The article discusses how Los Angeles County Metropolitan Authority aka LA County Metro, plans to utilize property they own that sits along rail lines.  Is Metro attempting to create slums?  Mr. Frank believes so.  Read for yourself.


Carson Planning Commission must restrict fracking

2 Urban Girls came across this awesome commentary in the Daily Breeze over the weekend.  Written by Alexandra Nagy, a Southern California organizer for Food & Water Watch, she makes the case of why the Carson Planning Commission needs to vote to end fracking in the City of Carson, at today’s scheduled meeting.  Unfortunately the commission […]

Senator Isadore Hall off to Mexico

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Is this how you want your campaign contributions spent?  Fresh off listening to African-American protestors discuss their loss of jobs to illegal immigrants, Senator Isadore Hall III (D-Compton), is off to Mexico, with seven other Democrat senators.  


KDAY is creepin’ on a come up

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Meruelo Media Holdings flagship urban radio station, 93.5 KDAY, is making strides in increasing their ratings.  The station made significant changes to their Sunday lineup, adding their first African-American DJ, Travon Smith, to the 12-4pm slot and Art Laboe from 6pm to midnight and it has paid off. KDAY is now the #3 radio station in the urban […]

Partnership seeks to promote public service to Compton Unified students

The Jefferson Awards Foundation Partners with Compton Unified School District to Promote Public Service Among Student Population

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