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Isadore Hall finally has a viable opponent for Congress

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Isadore Hall III has maneuvered up the political ladder by not facing any viable candidates. Starting his political career as a board trustee for Compton Unified School District (CUSD) he then went on to represent the area in various elected seats. The City of Compton even honored him with a street named after him.


Flags don’t kill people, guns do

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Everyone and their mama are up in arms over the Confederate Flag flying over the capitol in Columbia, South Carolina.  The Civil War began in South Carolina and whether African-Americans like it or not, the flag is a strong part of the state’s history.  In a gesture, to appease the African-American community and activists, companies […]

UCLA Bruins Football head coach wants charges dropped against P. Diddy

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Citing the need to “protect the team”, UCLA Bruins football staff want to have charges dropped against Sean “P Diddy’ Combs, for allegedly attacking the teams strength and conditioning coach.

KRRL continues to dominate urban radio

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Real 92.3 (KRRL) continues to dominate urban radio markets.  Since revamping their format and bringing on Big Boy, ratings show they are destined to remain the #1 station in the #2 radio market.  The Los Angeles market boasts nearly 12 million listeners.  Data shows Latino’s make up a lucrative portion of the listeners with African-Americans […]

HUGE victory for hotel operators in the City of LA, another loss for the City Attorney

Understanding your city’s respective municipal code is imperative, especially if you are a business owner.  Most cities have a code that directly affects how hotel/motel owners keep records on their guests.  Some codes are written that give law enforcement the right to inspect said records, to know who is in the hotel/motel, at any given […]

Lupe Fiasco pens ‘Dear White Supremacy’ letter on Instagram

Chicago bred rapper Lupe Fiasco, born Wasalu Muhammad Jaco, penned a letter to white supremacists, in the wake of the Charleston shooting, by domestic terrorist, Dylan Roof.  Lupe Fiasco burst on the music scene in 2006 with his debut album Food and Liquor and followed with a controversial song, “Words I Never Said” which was […]

Is the former Carson mayor turning on the proposed NFL Stadium project

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Former City of Carson mayor, Jim Dear, appears to be sabotaging the city’s efforts to convince the NFL to approve the relocation of the Chargers and Raiders to the South Bay city.  With the city already home to the Stub Hub Center, the owners recently contributed to Dear’s campaign for city clerk, which he won.  […]


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