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Inglewood Unifed State Trustee announces his resignation

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  Two superintendents have announced they will be leaving their respective school districts this year.  Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) board members will be tasked with finding a replacement for Ramon Cortines, while State Superintendent of Public Instruction will have to replace the excellent Dr. Don Brann at Inglewood Unified School District (IUSD).

The History of the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD) is as old as the State of California.  It is also older than the Los Angeles Times newspaper, who began publishing in 1881.  LASD began in 1850 in the days of Pio Pico, the states first governor.  LASD has had thirty-two Sheriff’s.  The tradition of the department was […]


History of Paul Tanaka’s Tattoo

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Former LA County Undersheriff, Paul Tanaka, has a tattoo that’s more famous than him.  Bring up his name and the first thing out of the listeners mouth is “what about his tattoo”?  2 Urban Girls interviewed Tanaka on his tattoo last July and many surmise he is a racist because of it. 


Former Los Angeles County Sheriff prepares to expose his former boss

The former L.A. County Undersheriff will go on the record against former Sheriff Lee Baca.  Paul Tanaka served the department for thirty-one years, rising from deputy to 2nd in command, from 2011-2013.  Now facing possible jail time, for his role in a botched FBI investigation of the county jail, documents filed by Tanaka’s attorney, reveal […]


Daily Breeze calls the Carson City Clerk ’emotionally fragile’

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Former City of Carson mayor, turned city clerk, Jim Dear, has been acting quite peculiar.  His recent performance at the June 16, 2015, council meeting, found Dear on multiple news channels and he appeared to have something wrong with him.  He threatened to sue the city over his failure to perform key city clerk duties.  […]

UCLA Bruins former Head Coach speaks on Justin Combs

As the P Diddy drama continues to unfold on the ritzy UCLA campus, former head coach Rick Neuheisel reveals what we already knew.  Justin Combs was only recruited because of his father.

CA Black Caucus members divided on SB 277 vote

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Senate Bill 277 has passed both the Senate and Assembly.  After a stern warning from Nation of Islam Nation of Islam Western Regional Minister Tony Muhammad, on potential “political repercussions” to the members of the Black Caucus, the mandatory vaccination law passed 46-30.

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