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Letter to the Editor: Baltimore Officers Charged

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Baltimore State Attorney Marilyn Mosby shocked the world by charging six Baltimore police officers in the death of Freddie Gray.  Stating there was no probable cause for Gray’s arrest, the recently elected state’s attorney promptly filed various charges against the officers, the most serious being murder.  A retired LAPD chief weighs in on whether the […]


Inglewood Unified Seeks Community Input

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With the 2014-15 school year coming to an end, Inglewood Unified School District (IUSD) is seeking community input on the Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP).  This is the opportunity for students, parents, stakeholders and the community at-large, to weigh in on district goals, actions and budget priorities for the district.

Six Baltimore Police Officers charged in death of Freddie Gray

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Baltimore, Maryland is best known as the foundation of the highly acclaimed HBO series The Wire.  The show took a hard look at the dynamics of the city and the relationship between poverty, residents and law enforcement.  The current makeup of elected officials differ.  The mayor, police chief and prosecutor are all African-American.  Despite the […]

Urban Girl of the Month: Marilyn Mosby

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Marilyn Mosby is the 35-year-old Baltimore prosecutor, who announced criminal charges today, against 6 Baltimore police officers.  The death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray has brought national outrage and protests, of the continued pattern of police using excessive force on residents.  Mosby is a graduate of historically black college (HBCU) Tuskegee University and is the mother of […]

Letter to the Editor: Carson Landfill & CEQA

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Our CEQA series has generated quite a buzz.  The article re: Developing on closed landfills examined the process for closing a landfill and corresponding remediation efforts to perform continued air and water quality monitoring.  Thank you Mr. Roche!

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