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Emails reveal possible collusion in Sacramento Arena deal

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Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson can’t catch a break.  In addition to a city employee filing sexual harassment charges against him, it is now being reported that the mayor’s heroic efforts to keep the Sacramento Kings in town, is tainted.  Residents have sued the city, claiming fraud, for all of the perks given to the team […]


Around Greater Los Angeles 

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What’s making news today?  Compton Unified sued over lack of mental health services.  LA City council will welcome their first Korean-American member.  A LA Supervisor is alleged to be involved in pay for votes.  Oh, and African-American elected officials have once again sold out the (black) people they represent.

Election Mailer attempts to deceive City of Compton Voters

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Apparently the creator of the attached attack mailers thought Compton residents are stupid.  In an attempt to catapult city council candidate Emma Shariff to the dais, residents received mail that depicts incumbent, Dr. Willie Jones, as being under investigation by the district attorney’s office.  Comptonites do not appreciate council member Isaac Galvan attempts to insult […]


EXCLUSIVE: Is the Compton City Attorney covering for a former councilwoman

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A former City of Compton employee contacted 2 Urban Girls in frustration due to a six-year battle for wrongful termination.  It appears that due to a former city council members involvement, the case is at a stalemate.  City Attorney Craig Cornwell has alluded to the city being at fault, however, the case drags on.  2 […]


Sacramento mayor faces sexual harassment allegations

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City of Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson finds himself in a full court press. The Sacramento Bee broke the story today that a city employee has filed a complaint alleging sexual harassment. She is seeking $200,000 in damages.  The city’s first black mayor was elected in 2008 but enjoyed a lengthy career in the National Basketball […]

Joseph Mailander on the Future of Los Angeles

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2 Urban Girls thanks Joseph Mailander for his candid interviews we have shared with you.  After examining Affordable Housing and Promise Zones, the next logical question is “What does the future hold for the Greater Los Angeles area?”  Mailander authored LA at Intermission: A City Mingling Towards Identity where he discusses the lack of informed dissent, in LA politics, […]

Carson Mayor Responds to Allegations

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Carson Mayor Albert Robles is running interference on allegations he is a sexual harasser.  Former Water Replenishment District board member Lynn Dymally filed a lawsuit listing the allegations, which comes at an inopportune time with the city in the spotlight for a possible NFL team.  Mayor Robles went on the Fred Roggin show, of all places, […]

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