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City of Compton seeks to expand surveillance of residents

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City of Compton proposed a resolution to direct the city manager to increase surveillance throughout the city. This program is designed to utilize vehicle license plate reading software, that assists law enforcement in comparing license plates, in their database, that require “attention”. A resolution to amend the current agreement and rescind Resolution 24,114 was introduced […]


City of LA approved project is stalled in lawsuit

Moving right along in our environmental impacts of new developments, our focus turns to the City of Los Angeles and more specifically, Mayor Eric Garcetti’s old stomping grounds, Hollywood.  This article will highlight the successful efforts of local residents, who stopped Target from building in their neighborhood, for now.  The issue wasn’t environmental but rather […]


South Bay residents fight back

With an election around the corner and another in the not so distant future, the residents in the City’s of Compton and Hawthorne, are not happy with their leadership and are looking for new representation on the dais.  You have the mayor supporting a candidate the residents claim are lying about their background and another […]


Rest In Peace Michael “MayorSam” Higby

Today was a sad day for 2 Urban Girls. We learned of the loss of one of our favorite political bloggers, Michael “Mayor Sam” Higby. He was a beacon of political light and he was shining a huge flashlight on the City Clowncil, as he affectionately calls them. I learned via a tweet from Zuma […]

Developing on Closed Landfills

Both the City’s of Carson and Inglewood are vying to lay claim to being the city that returned football to Los Angeles.  In the landmark environmental case Tuolumne Jobs & Small Bus. Alliance v. Superior Court Wal-mart sought to expand their store in the City of Sonora and the council adopted the ordinance without conducting […]


Candidate Profile: Barbara Calhoun

The City of Compton will hold elections next Tuesday, April 21st and a familiar name is back on the ballot.  Former District 1 councilwoman, Barbara Calhoun, is running against incumbent Janna Zurita, Kevin Monk and Mae Thomas.  Mr. Monk’s recent mailer addressing potholes, appears to help Ms. Calhoun and hurt the incumbent. 


City of Inglewood is getting major press

Being Mary Jane is a highly watched series on Black Entertainment Television (BET).  The show is written by Mara Brock Akil who is also behind Girlfriends.  The show follows Mary Jane, a journalist, on a national cable news network.  Why am I bringing this up?  In the last episode, “Primetime“, the Inglewood (NFL) stadium project […]


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