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Compton vote by mail, provisional ballots are in

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It’s a great day and not so great day in the City of Compton.  With all of the ballots counted, we finally know who is headed into the June 2, 2015 run-off.


Daily Breeze clears up the confusion about the Carson stadium deal

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2 Urban Girls  has embarked on an ongoing discussion of environmental concerns associated with developing on contaminated land.  In today’s Daily Breeze Vincent Bonsignore wrote an article titled “Clearing up some questions about Carson stadium project” which addresses “confusion” surrounding the site and if the Sand Diego Chargers are really buying it or not.

South Central misses out on another round of Promise Zone funds

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Nearly 16 months to the date of the first denial, once again South Central, South LA or SOLA, has missed out on another opportunity to obtain Promise Zone funding, to eradicate poverty.  Activist Najee Ali penned a letter detailing why South LA missed out last January, which highlighted the fighting amongst the nonprofits selected to […]

Word on the Streets: Hawthorne

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The City of Hawthorne is all in a presumably timely uproar over the musings of Sandy Mazza of the Daily Breeze.  There is no love lost between 2 Urban Girls and Hawthorne Mayor Chris Brown but we believe his woes are calculated by someone who appears to be headed to the November elections against him.  […]

City of Hawthorne forced to cancel City Council Meeting due to Mayor’s spending

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Hawthorne Mayor Chris Brown is no longer the pride and joy of the city’s residents or his fellow African-American political colleagues.  After winning against Danny Juarez, who was indicted on multiple felonies, Brown was able to stroll into the office as the first African-American mayor of Hawthorne.  With the recent disclosure of his spending of taxpayers money, […]

Cities Seize Chances to Avoid CEQA Review through Voter Initiatives

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Continuing in our series of looking at the potential effects of residents when the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) is avoided through voter initiatives.  Two successful initiatives recently passed in Los Angeles County in the City of Carson and Inglewood.  2 Urban Girls received this article in our email written by a Los Angeles County […]

Mastermind in Textbook Theft Case Pleads, Sentenced to Prison

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Corey Frederick, 44, pleaded no contest to four felony counts of embezzlement and one felony count of bribing a public officer. He was immediately sentenced by Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Robert Perry to five years, eight months in state prison and ordered to pay $793,306 in restitution to the Los Angeles Unified School […]

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