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Pan-African Film Festival: Vanguards of the Revolution

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The film festival kicks off this Thursday, February 5th and will run through Monday, February 16th.  Last year I thoroughly enjoyed myself, my article on Iceberg Slim, still gets views a year later.  I hope to see you all there as well.  I will especially attend opening night to see the movie on the Black […]

School board candidates support Inglewood initiative

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The Citizens for Revitalizing the City of Champions are in full campaign mode.  After submitting nearly 22,000 signatures to the Inglewood City Clerk’s office, the initiative should hit the ballot in June.  To put this in perspective, last November the city held elections, and 28% of the registered voters cast approx.16,000 votes. The campaign has […]

What’s the Big Deal

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What’s the big deal today?  A sugar bear has a panic attack.  These feet ain’t made for walking (anymore).  This musician may finally move out of his van and into a bed and the saga continues over the NFL (possibly) coming to Inglewood.

Brooklyn is officially the most unaffordable housing market in America

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In no less than a dozen articles, Compton Mayor Aja Brown has declared she wishes to turn the “Hub City” into the “new” Brooklyn.  In October 2013, Mayor Brown told The Guardian “…Compton is this amazing place, with a rich history…I see as the new Brooklyn.”  Yes, the City of Compton has a long history […]

Urban Girl of the Month: Kimberly Briggs

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I came to know Kimberly Briggs through her courteous and professional service as Media Deputy to Councilman Bernard C. Parks.   Our first encounter came when 2 Urban Girls inadvertently posted incorrect information about CM Parks on our Twitter page.  When we inquired on an interview, she accommodated in a timely manner.  CM Parks responded personally, […]

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