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Wal-Mart plans to sneak into Compton

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Compton city councilman Isaac Galvan jubilantly declared, in a Facebook post in Juneof this year, how he met with a business who wanted to open a location in the “Hub City”.  He was quite vague on the company’s name but did allude to the company wanting to “roll back” prices.  We know that means Wal-Mart.


Rep. .@MaxineWaters wants #Obama to “Rethink Strategy” for Public Housing

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Rep. Maxine Waters is calling on President Barack Obama to rethink his strategy to privatize public housing.  Recipients of public housing vouchers are lifetime recipients of this burdensome benefit.  Many of the public housing projects are dilapidated and in dire need of redevelopment and also have high crime and drug rates.

Betty Pleasant’s Weekly #Soulvine Column 12/15/14

SOULVINE By Betty Pleasant 12/15/14

Dorsey Head Football Coach removed

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Dorsey High School has made the news over their beloved football coach being removed as their head coach.  Coach Paul Knox has been on the football coaching staff for 30 years.  The community is in an uproar and many are left wondering what will happen to the program. 


Nations largest prison operator found guilty of #WageTheft

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Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), the nation’s largest operator of private prisons, made news recently when they were found to be in violation of wage and benefit laws.  The company grossly underpaid their employees to the tune of nearly $8million dollars.

Murrieta Councilman Pleads Not Guilty to Felony DUI

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Former City of Murrieta Mayor turned Councilman Alan William Long has pleaded not guilty to a felony DUI in court today.  The October 15th accident involved four students who attend Murrieta High School and are also his constitutents.   The judge in the case also gave Long a break by not making him responsible for the […]

Inglewood Unified School District rises to the occasion

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Inglewood Unified School District (IUSD) suffered a scare last week.  One of their female students was walking on her way to school and was allegedly abducted.  IUSD has come under fire in the previous weeks in regards to the safety of the City, as a whole, and the need to reinstate a full campus security […]

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