Wal-Mart plans to sneak into Compton

walmartCompton city councilman Isaac Galvan jubilantly declared, in a Facebook post in Juneof this year, how he met with a business who wanted to open a location in the “Hub City”.  He was quite vague on the company’s name but did allude to the company wanting to “roll back” prices.  We know that means Wal-Mart.

Nearby City of Inglewood residents were so adamant about NOT having Wal-Mart in our city, a measure ended up on the ballot, and they will NEVER be allowed to open a store here.  Unless another ballot measure is put before the residents to overturn.  The land that was purchased to build the store was recently sold to Stanley Kroenke, owner of the St. Louis Rams, who is also the husband of a Wal-Mart heir.

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No public hearings were held on Wal-Mart entering the City of Compton and this author was told the occupants of the Compton Swap Meet have been given until January 31st to vacate the premises. We confirmed the Compton Swap Meet’s last day of business is Jauary 15th.

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  1. Robert Ray says:

    Walmart stated this morning that they are ‘not’ coming to Compton anytime soon, so maybe someone else has plans for that building.

  2. Robert Ray says:

    I will definitely ask some questions during tomorrow’s council meeting. Wants and wishes are nice but things have to be legal also.

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