Why school computers need security controls enabled

IUSDInglewood Unified School District (IUSD) is once again the talk of the City of Inglewood for the perceived lack of policies, addressing employees behavior, while on IUSD campuses.  As Dr. Don Brann and Joe Dominguez are busy being escorted around Inglewood, on the taxpayers dime, small issues continue to arise, which causes mass hysteria and innuendo, to run rampant throughout the community.  It also caused this author to write in error.

Back in August, City Honors held an event at their new location on the campus of Crozier Middle School.  Parents came to hear about the wonderful high school for advanced students and tour the campus.  The teacher giving the presentation apparently was not prepared to meet with the prospective students and their parents for when they powered on the laptop, male on male porn were the first images those in attendance saw.

This author contacted both Dr. Brann and Joe Dominguez, after being inundated with emails from outraged community members, to which Dr. Brann said, “the surprise porn came out of the blue and they were investigating and may file a police report against the source…”

Now an additional incident, of another porn viewing has occurred at Warren Lane/Daniel Freeman,  the difference is students were involved, not teachers as I previously reported.  Sources on the campus confirm that the parents of the students were contacted and the students admitted their involvement.

Because IUSD has a policy of not disclosing such incidents to ALL parents of these types of incidents, it allows for erroneous rumors to spread like a wildfire.  Should this policy be amended to alert parents?   The other question is why aren’t controls enabled to keep staff and students off of sites that should not be viewed on campus?

Dr. Brann is conveniently on vacation in Hawaii after making disparaging remarks on his safety concerns while working in Inglewood, so neither Dr. Brann nor Joe Dominguez have responded to multiple requests for comment, on this second incident.

Next up?  Is Joe Dominguez qualified to hold his position?

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  1. No1Blogger says:

    I just looked up IUSD policies and it is there. What concerns me is that union both certified and uncertified are the ones who protect their people?

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