Inglewood area ministers aren’t happy with Sen. Holly Mitchell

dr johnny youngInglewood area ministers have their boxers in a bunch.  As the Inglewood Unified School District (IUSD) was removed from local control, to state conservatorship, the group was relatively quiet on the subject, given that one of the former IUSD board members is also a minister associated with the group.  They have expressed no disappointment in the failed leadership of the former board members, particularly Dr. Johnny Young, who is also a pastor at an Inglewood church.

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Apparently Dr. Young’s church is paid in full along with a property that he owns directly  across the street.  He rides around town in a car that costs upwards of $200k, all while IUSD was fiscally deteriorating.  Dr. Young was a strong supporter of teachers when he was trying to stay elected.  Despite the drop in enrollment, he and his colleagues made no cuts (layoffs) to teachers.  Now, he is against them?

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IUSD made news when the Inglewood High School girls’ basketball team made claims that administration mismanaged money they raised for their annual end of the year sports banquet.  After the team’s plight was aired all over local news channels, many elected officials came forward to assist the team, including Senator Holly Mitchell, whose office pledged support.

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Dr. Young is also alleged to publish a community oriented newspaper called the “Crusader” and neither the Inglewood ministers nor the newspaper discussed the issue nor did they assist the team, instead they chose to vent their frustrations to the Los Angeles Wave newspaper.

They are criticizing Sen. Mitchell’s supporting the campaign of current State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tom Torlakson, whose office is also handling the conservatorship of IUSD.  Inglewood taxpayers, stakeholders, parents, students and this author, are none too happy with how Tom Torlakson is allowing the state administrator to spend our money, but more importantly, we are pissed off that the former board members put us in this position in the first place.

2UrbanGirls respectfully requests that the Inglewood ministers, especially Dr. Johnny Young, have a seat and STFU.

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  1. No1Blogger says:

    The Inglewood High School Girl’s basketball team needs to file a fiduciary agreement with the District so the District cannot spent its money. Thanks to Senator Mitchell. I support Tom Torlakson, Mr. Tucker has good ideas to address issues but he does not address how the goals will be met. I did my research the pros and cons, but Tucker comes from the Wall Street, K street.

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