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photoI have been asked on several occasions to not curse on this blog.  Sometimes it’s hard not to when you feel strongly that your community’s needs aren’t being met.  Friend of the 2UrbanGirls blog, Jasmyne A. Cannick, asked a very poignant question in her recent article “How the Feds Teamed Up with One SoCal Police Department to Racially Profile Blacks”.  

Cannick pondered:

If none of the “civil rights” leaders and activists have anything to say about this, including the ones quoted in the OC Register’s article [Naomi Rainey/Long Beach NAACP & then Vice-Mayor Robert Garcia], I’d like to move that we designate and or nominate some new ones.


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Most prominent L.A. “civil rights” leaders have already publicly supported Jim McDonnell for Sheriff, citing his time on LAPD as a contributing factor, most notably Earl Ofari Huthcinson and Najee Ali.  Apparently McDonnell being second in command during the MacArthur Park melee against Latino’s was okay with these African-American activists, since African-American’s weren’t involved, but now that it has come to light McDonnell treats us in the same manner, they have yet to speak out.

So instead of going to either of them, I turned to current and former Long Beach city council members, Steve Neal and Rex Richardson for their thoughts of how their police department continues to cost Long Beach taxpayers millions in police brutality lawsuits.  You will be shocked.

First up is former Long Beach councilman Steve Neal, who is also heavily involved in church.  His response:

photo courtesy of 2UrbanGirls twitter

photo courtesy of 2UrbanGirls twitter

A good man?  When we asked his thoughts on how African-American’s are treated in Long Beach, at the hands of the Long Beach Police Department (LBPD)?  CRICKETS!  He didn’t utter a response.

Rex Richardson, has taken over the seat from Neal, and coincidentally, was Neal’s former Chief of Staff.  Richardson erred when he stated McDonnell wasn’t police chief during the murder of LB resident of Doug Zerby.

photo courtesy of 2UrbanGirls twitter

photo courtesy of 2UrbanGirls twitter

Thursday's ruling stemmed from an effort to obtain the names of Long Beach police officers involved in the 2010 fatal shooting of Douglas Zerby, above. The officers mistook a garden hose nozzle Zerby was holding for a gun. (Associated Press)

Thursday’s ruling stemmed from an effort to obtain the names of Long Beach police officers involved in the 2010 fatal shooting of Douglas Zerby, above. The officers mistook a garden hose nozzle Zerby was holding for a gun. (Associated Press)

The Doug Zerby incident, in 2010, cost taxpayers $6.5 million and an additional $245k when the L.A. Times had to sue to LBPD get access to the police’s names who were involved.  LBPD didn’t learn from the Zerby incident for they killed another unarmed African-American male, earlier this year.

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Jim McDonnell’s reign of terror doesn’t surprise me.  While at LAPD, he was second in command to William Bratton, who is back with NYPD.  Two cases have made worldwide attention upon Bratton’s return:  Eric Gardner and Ronald Singleton.  TWO unarmed African-American’s killed at the hands of Bratton’s subordinates.

I wasn’t privy to Richardson’s campaign to take his bosses seat, nor can I say he convinced Neal to run for a higher seat, after Neal served only one term on LB council.  I envision it going something like this:

I [Rex Richardson] was Steve Neal’s Chief of Staff and who better to know what is going on in the city of Long Beach than me?  Steve Neal will make a great candidate for the 64th Assembly District and who better to replace him than his right hand man…me, Rex Richardson…

I do not know Steve Neal, Rex Richardson or Jim McDonnell personally, so I can’t vouch for anything about them other than what’s on the record.  What I do know is when you have council members who are lackadaisical and fail to speak up on behalf of the residents who look like them, and presumably voted for them, it is enough to make a fellow African-American want to scream to the top of their lungs.

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Silent “civil rights” activists.  Silent African-American council members.  No wonder African-American’s bear the brunt of police brutality.  Those who we elect and chosen to be our VOICE are batting for the wrong team.

(Visions of Leon Jenkins and the NAACP selling out to Donald T. Sterling, are dancing in my head.)

The councilman’s former Chief of Staff didn’t know who the city’s police chief was?  LOL.  No wonder Larry Elder “doesn’t think much of LA area” activists.  They only step up to promote themselves not the people they claim to care so much about.

Clearly Long Beach residents want Jim McDonnell out of Long Beach but residents in L.A. County don’t need his services either.  His track record is GLARING proof he is a liability that goes from LAPD to LBPD, and clearly doesn’t value taxpayers hard-earned money.

LBPD has a personnel of 800 and L.A. County Sheriff has 18,000.  If Jim McDonnell can’t reform his current staff what makes us voters believe he can reform the nation’s largest police department?

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  1. Doctor Sam says:

    The fact that you are able to turn multiple people you trolled saying unnecessarily positive things about Jim McDonnell into a negative story about his “reign of terror” despite the fact that you admit you’ve never even met him is all the evidence anyone would need of how completely and utterly out of this solar system your opinions are.

    • 2UrbanGirls says:

      Actions speaks louder than words. If this is how McDonnell allows his officers to treat black people, then I don’t need to meet him.

      The fact that two blacks, who were elected to represent residents, don’t appear to know what’s going on their OWN city is the premise of the article.

      Trolling? Well I sent over questions to Rex who agreed to answer them and the answers have yet to appear in my inbox. Electeds who fail to go on the record, and have a back bone on incidents, is quite peculiar and offensive.

      Just as LBPD threw that Hawthorne Sgt. through the plate glass window, is proof that it doesn’t matter who you are or your profession, they will treat you how they see fit.

      LBPD hasn’t learned from the Zerby events for they just killed another unarmed black man, and it was caught on tape.

      I know you are hard pressed to disagree with anything I post on here, but as always, I thank you for reading and commenting 🙂

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