Former Long Beach Police Officers are fighting back

jim mcdonnellJim McDonnell is the Chief of Police over the Long Beach Police Department (LBPD) and candidate for L.A County Sheriff.  Over the weekend it has come to light that many of the departments former officers are in litigation over discrimination and/or retaliation claims, with a total of 13 lawsuits on the court’s docket.  Most have been pushed back until after the Sheriff’s election, to avoid embarrassment for McDonnell, who is facing off against former L.A. County Undersheriff Paul Tanaka.

It appears that those working under the leadership of Jim McDonnell are allowed to run amuck and presumably, with his knowledge.  His campaign has been caught putting the California Contract Cities Association’s nonprofit status in jeopardy and within his department:

Long Beach PD also played a role in suppressing information related to the Christopher Dorner firing from LAPD.

Jim McDonnell was also 2nd in command, to former LAPD Chief of Police William Bratton, when they allowed LAPD officers to brutalize Latino residents and journalists in MacArthur Park aka Mayday.  City taxpayers paid out nearly $12 millions in lawsuits as a direct result.  We can safely assume that this would be why former L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa chose Charlie Beck to lead the department, which had been under a federal decree since approx. the year 2000 until last year.

In spite of what L.A. Times says, the feds cite the deplorable conditions of the jails and mental health services offered, which the Board of Supervisors has addressed, by voting to build another jail.  In spite of what you have read, the Feds want oversight of mental health issues, not brutality.  This is why there is so much public discussion on reforming mental health and making more money available for these services in the jails.  Dist. Atty. Jackie Lacey has even discussed how it is her “priority” to get the mentally ill out of the jails citing the high number of suicides of those labeled as such.

Mainstream news media such as the Los Angeles Times, KPCC and The L.A. Sentinel have all but refused to report objectively on Jim McDonnell and refuse to have him address how his leadership disproportionately effects minorities.

Currently the City of Long Beach has an openly gay Mayor Robert Garcia, who is also Latino, along with three African-American council members who are all silent on these issues:  Al Austin, Dee Andrews and Rex Richardson.

The Citizen Police Complaint Commission (CPCC), was created after a former Hawthorne PD Sergeant was viewed being thrown head first through a plate-glass window, by LBPD, during a routine traffic stop.  City taxpayers compensated him $15 million.  Sadly, the CPCC has only ONE member, who has been unsuccessful in ensuring ALL Long Beach residents are treated fairly by their police department.  LBPD is costing the city millions in police brutality lawsuits and could face millions more in losses should the former officers prevail in their cases.


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  1. tecumseh says:

    Sorry, but what are you talking about?

    There are ten commissioners on the CPCC. Do you even bother pretending to be an actual reporter?

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      The article doesn’t say anything about how many commissioners. Specifically, it say: “Sadly, the CPCC has only ONE member, who has been unsuccessful in ensuring ALL Long Beach residents are treated fairly by their police department.”
      perhaps you need to read carefully. This is obviously a blog and I appreciate seeing reporting that the media doesn’t cover because they endorse a certain person. Our media today is FILLED with BS.

      • tecumseh says:

        ummm…”members” of a “commission” (like, for example the citizens’ police complaint commission” are called…(drum roll please) “COMMISSIONERS”

        please go back to your nap

  2. […] Deputy Luna went further to state that the department has lost 200 sworn positions and no employees have been laid off as a result.  They were lost to attrition, retirement and unfilled positions were closed.  On the contrary, many officers have been involved in questionable shootings, costing the city millions and former officers have more than a dozen lawsuits in the pipeline. […]

  3. […] that would fall into this category?  The Los Angeles Police Department, who just came out of a federal decree, last […]

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