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cusdCompton Unified Board of Trustees held a regular board meeting last night and on the agenda was a community meeting to discuss the fallout from their Urban Rifle Policy.  Apparently the board members don’t read their agendas nor the items they are voting on.  The Urban Rifle Policy passed unanimously.  After the community uproar, some members who voted to pass the policy, are now backtracking.

A couple of weeks ago, the Compton NAACP held a press conference in front of district offices.  Board member Mae Thomas was very vocal about having a community forum to discuss the policy she voted affirmatively for.  Board member Emma Sharif, who is a candidate for Compton City Council in April, is now leading the charge to host a community meeting, which the board voted against.  She is the only board trustee who voted in favor of the meeting.

2UrbanGirls reached Ms. Sharif by phone and asked her if she was in fact supporting the community meeting on the Urban Rifle Policy she stated:

The community has a right to have input.

When we further asked why she voted in favor of the Urban Rifle Policy, back in July, knowing the community had not given input at the time of the vote, she replied:

No comment.

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Board Trustee Skyy Fisher provided 2UrbanGirls with the following statement on why he voted against the community meeting.

I voted to deny the community forum scheduled for Saturday, September 13th because in my opinion it was prematurely scheduled, the entire Governing Board was not notified of the planning and there would not be enough time to inform the community of the date, time and location.
The entire governing board is not fully educated on the entire Urban Rifle Policy and for one Governing Board Member who happens to not be fully educated on the policy to host a forum would not benefit the community or the students of Compton USD. The Governing Board should have a workshop and community forum when the time is appropriate that does not put the community as a bigger disadvantage.
A community panel of experts consisting of a School District Police Chief (not from Compton), Compton USD School District President (spokesperson for the board) or Superintendent, NAEJA representative, representative from Assemblyman Hall’s and Congressmember Hahn’s office.
Compton Unified School District serves as the educational institution for not just the Compton community. Compton USD also serves the City of Carson, Paramount, Watts/Willowbrook and Los Angeles; if any city representative is invited to serve as a member of the panel it should include a representative from every community Compton USD serves.
Honorable Skyy D. Fisher
Legislative Representative


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