City of Compton Removes Weapons from Code Enforcement Officers

(photo: file footage)

(photo: file footage)

City of Compton City Manager Harold Duffey has removed weapons from all Code Enforcement officers.

Once upon a time former City of Compton Mayor Eric Perrodin wanted to re-establish the Compton Police Department but didn’t have the support of Compton residents to do so.  In preparation radios were purchased that mysteriously burned in a Compton Fire Station , Measure R funds for roads disappeared and Code Enforcement Officers were allowed to go to P.O.S.T. training and allowed to carry weapons.

HMG-CN is exclusively reporting they have obtained documents showing just how that program came to be and is also a direct violation of the CA Penal Code.

The City of Compton residents fought back against re-establishing Compton PD and Compton Unified Board Trustee, who is also the city’s former City Clerk, Charles Davis, authored Measure I that forbid the Compton Police Department from ever existing, by creating a long-term contract with the L.A. County Sheriff.

Eric Perrodin is a former Compton PD officer and a deputy district attorney for L.A. County.

Read the HMG-CN full article by clicking here.

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