2UrbanGirls endorses #Republican candidate for CA Secretary of State

voter fraudThis endorsement was a no brainer.  Although I have attended a fundraiser for Secretary of State candidate Alex Padilla I have no choice but to endorse his opponent, Pete Peterson.  Before you get your panties/briefs in a bunch, I am neither a democrat nor do I automatically endorse their choices in candidates.  Many contributing factors played a part in my decision and here they are

Back in the 70’s my mother and many of our neighbors we’re stay at home moms, who also doubled as poll workers, when election time rolled around.  They were ideal employees for they knew ALL of their neighbors, on a first name basis.  With many of them going into the work force, they were unable to continue fulfilling their civic duty of working at the polls.  As a result, the County of Los Angeles Registrar’s office has to recruit and hire workers, who may not live in the precinct they are working.

This author worked the last election, in June, and fielders complaints from those wishing to vote, but according to the poll sheets, they already voted by mail (VBM) many insisting they had not.  I also saw my childhood friends name listed as an “active” voter although she has been dead for the last three years.

Residents in the City of Compton have long cried foul that “dead people” are voting and have a court date tomorrow, on the very subject.


We contacted Dean Logan, of the Registrar/Recorders office to inquire on how enough evidence was presented to bring a case to trial which alleges that the voter rolls are not purged routinely.  He offered this:image


Just as an individual is required to show valid identification to purchase alcohol, cigarettes and present ID when requested, so should an individual when they vote.  VBM also needs additional checks and balances to audit signatures against the voter registration form.

The other reason I am against Senator Alex Padilla is because he doesn’t obey current laws.  If he doesn’t follow them, how can we expect him to enforce them?

Photo courtesy of the DTLA Facebook group page

Photo courtesy of the DTLA Facebook group page

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