CONFIRMED Inglewood Unified has sold bonds related to Measure GG

royce printingRoyce Printing is a bay area based producer of electronic and official statements.  The company was founded by Susan Royce and according to her website, she is one of the few woman-owned financial printers in the country.  You are probably wondering what is “financial printing”? 

She prints bond language for municipalities, banks and school districts facilities improvement projects.  The business community is very happy with her courteous, after hours service and ability to print bonds within hours of them being authorized.

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I spoke with former IUSD state administrator LaTanya Kirk-Carter, who referred me to Jon Isom, to ask about bond related issues.  Research shows his firm is responsible for getting the bond measures passed in the first place and apparently residents are tired of his tactics.

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Back to Measure GG post election.  Under Royce’s FOS (Final Official Statements) section of her website, she printed bond language on behalf of Measure GG on June 27, 2013.

I spoke with Susan Royce, owner of Royce Printing, and inquired as to what the FOS means.  She replied, “…FOS means the bonds have been sold.  Isom Financial can provide details on to whom…”  Again, how can bonds be sold for Measure GG without a sitting oversight committee and how were the proceeds allocated?  If we received $30M in bond proceeds, and IUSD has only borrowed $29M from SB 533, why are we still in recievorship?

(Los Angeles County, California)
Election of 2012 General Obligation Bonds, Series A
June 27
 Read more about Royce Printing by clicking here.

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